Opening Time!

Thank god Paul Mooney rang me at 7:30am and got me out of bed. It was a helluva good party last nght - cake, beer, girls. We all landed up (and I mean *we* as in what appeared to be the entire confereice) in JellyRolls. As a birthday treat, Coen Aukema and I ended up dancing on stage. My dutch friends had presented me with a pair of clogs - so I ended up tapdancing across the stage. If only I could tapdance...

Sitting in the opening general session, great band. I'm in the front row (thanks to George Cieasa), preserving my voice. Its kinda ragged - so hopefully I'll be audable at worst practices at 11am.

DSC02538Did I mentino the band ? God -they're fantastic. Doing "under pressure" right now..

Oh - and bumped into Mike Rhodin - where I apologise for upstaging him this morning. He said "Next year, I'll do it in a kilt.. ". Go man..

If your looking for me, I'm the guy in the kilt with the blue lightsaber. Scary, eh ?

Mike's on stage now.

  • Best year ever - 30% up

  • hannover on track for mid-year delivery.

  • 7,000 people at Lotusphere - up 11% on last year

  • Second Life - Opening general session replayed in a custom theater.

  • Guest speaker: NEIL ARMSTRONG!!. X1 made its first flight from what is now Orlando Airport. Amazing speaker. "There is little satisfaction in achieving easy goals". Its amazing getting to see one of your heros.

    Mikes back.

    • Focus on end-user accessibility.

    • Adoption is important. It has to be cool, intuitive, easy to use.

    Sametime crew on stage:

    • Linux Server, Mac Client coming

    • Video

    • SmartTag integration with MS Office.

    • Integration with Cisco voice systems

    • BlackBerry integration: Multi-way chat (already). "Convert to call" multi-vway voice conference integration.

    Ken Bisconti's on stage now:

    • Notes for SAP - over 1,000 companies.

    • 500 conversions, 92% upgraded to v6.5 or v7.

    • Notes shipments - 30% up

    • Notes 8.

    • Lotus QuickR - new product! Wow! And the personal edition is FREE.