Lotusphere - 2 days to go.


More setup and planning stuff today. Nothing that can be made public just yet however.. I would say - "Pack your wellington boots" but most Europeans have packed and are ready to head.

mistletoe1.jpgPicked up the HADSL T-Shirts today from Mistletoe in Laurencekirk. They have these amazing 16 T-Shirt at a time embroidery machines. Amazing to watch. Unlike last year, they in dark blue. Quite unmissable.

What else ? It would appear that in America, some game they refer to as "Football" is playing out some semi-finals or whatnot on Sunday night, after the beach party. This means that the ESPN bar might be busy, as folks seem to like watching this on TV. So. Considering switching the infamous Wild Bill Party to Jellyrolls - on the grounds that its got better service, slightly more floor space, and plays better music.. Whaddyathink?

Last but not least - and this will put a chill down the Lotusphere organisers - the weather in the UK is horrendous. Warren and Kitty have had to abandon plans to fly - after all carriers cancelled domestic flights today - and take a train. Which then itself got cancelled. They're currently in a hire car - and have missed the chance to see Cirque du Solei in London.

My flight tomorrow from Aberdeen to Schipol has not yet been cancelled - so I still may be on my way tomorrow.

One last travel tip. Apparently the best ribs in the US are in Memphis, and one outlet is beside gate 14 at the airport. Where I shall be spending some time... Considering most airport food can be described as "dire", this is actually something to look forward to on my three-flight, 18 hour itinerary tomorrow..

Status update tomorrow from Schipol, no doubt.. See you all (hopefully!) in the Dolphin tomorrow night!