Wild Bills Birthday Party....!


There are some great parties at Lotusphere. Parties where marriages have begun, ended, consumated. Parties where people have woken up with small dogs in their room. Parties where people have been arrested, or woken up 50 miles from the hotel. (Actually, I'm just describing one person so far.. No, not me!)

But these parties - although great - are just the warm up. You see:

Its my Birthday.

Yes, I'm half way - 40 years old - the weekend of LotusFear 2007. Fitting, I think. So where, and when, and who ?

Where: ESPN Bar.

When: 8pm onwards, Sunday night. After the beach party

Who ? Well, you all. Everyone. Anyone with a pulse. Anyone with the spark of a good idea. Anyone who wants a laugh. Anyone who wants to network. Anyone who wants to sit through the opening session, complaining about the bright lights and noise.. In other words... YOU.

Up for it ? Or are you washing your hair that night ?