The Blogsphere

Hugh Macleoud on the Blogsphere (not the template) echo chamber that seems to exist.

I think this is less true of the Domino side of the tracks than it used to be. We no longer have mass "outings" as such, and there's far less repetion. Which is good. Which is good.

However, what I think is required in the maturing of the Domino blog-o-sphere (the collective of bloggers, not (Declans' excellent Blog template) is the ability to ask hard questions. Volker has always been good at this - and has rendered himself unpopular over this from time to time. History however has pointed out that all of Vowe's hard questions - at least the ones I remember - did actually contribute in the end.

So why are Domino bloggers slightly less confrontational with Big Blue ? Perhaps its because of our lack of perceived investment by Big Blue in actual advertising and promotion of Domino - this is always a favourite "press my paranoid button" topic with Domino folks. I mean - its hard enough keeping up with all this tech, running companies, getting consultancy work, without having to regularly educate customers that "No, Domino isnt dead - though MS would love you to think so". The recent series of "geek" ads, where Lotus Domino - apparently a billion dollar investment from IBM - got a single "collaboration cube" ad - did take some of the sting out of this, but is in no way enough to convince existing customers that IBM are backing notes. Especially when IBM's own salespeople would rather get commission on a new Portal infrastructure than renewals in Domino.

I think therefore that IBM have got to address this head on. Last year was a promise for more agressive marketing/advertising. This didnt appear - partially because Surjit Chana moved within IBM. We need to see his replacement front-and-center out there, taking on some of the MS FUD.

So expect a few more harder questions from me in the future. And no - I dont mean easy digs at soft targets such as the IBM partnerworld software delivery servers...