LS2007 - 3 days to go...


And now the panic starts - finishing code, ordering Mugs for the stand, checking the t-shirts have been manufactured, getting batteries for the wireless mouse, packing, etc. Sheesh.

Just booking a timetable for the five of us for a week is problemistic enough. What sessions to see ? What parties to attend ? (Well, for me, Bloggers (microbewery, 3pm), Penumbra (Foultons - invitation only!) and Turtles (ESPN - 6pm - late) on Saturday night, UKISA, Beach party and my birthday Party on Sunday night (ESPN, 9pm onwards). So far. Monday, I'm already double booked. Crazy.

Oh and sorting out my attire for Lotusphere, and sorting out a haircut. Without giving too much away, it'll be amazing. Think "Ace Ventura" meets "Mel Gibson/Braveheart". Tried to get a tattoo but the Ink Minx is busy for a few weeks. Getting Dollars from the bank (and isnt the exchange rate fantastic right now?)

What are you up to ?