"Twas the Week ... "

The IBM Business Partner forum is where us business partners can ask questions directly of IBM - and thanks to folks like Glorian Flaherty, we usually get answers. A recurring grumble is the maintenance schedule around the Partnerworld Download area. Unerringly, they seem to pick whole weekends that are less than optimal, of course.

Now instead of just angrily flaming (yet again) and getting no-where, I thought I'd have a crack at some poetry.. So with apologies to the Author of "A night before Christmas", we have:

Twas the Week Before Lotus-sphere..

And all through the land,

Business Partners and Stand-bunnies

prepared demo's for their stands,

"Oh Bugger, Oh Blast"

Exclaimed the huge mass

IBM's Download servers'

Down on its ass

Could you do better ? (At poetry, I mean, not the Business Partner Download server.)