Lotusphere 2007 - the *fun* venue guide


Now, the Venue itself for Lotusphere contains three major hotels and the "BoardWalk" - a long wooden esplanade bordering one of the many man-made lakes. A map is available here. As you walk from the Swan, Dolphin or Yacht club hotels, the pubs on the boardwalk comprise:

  • The Atlantic Dancehall. A cavernous building, usually where the Lotus Engineers ball is held on Tuesday nights. Noise: Low, Ambience: Empty. Service: Poor

  • Jelly Rolls (Also known as "Blazing Pianos". A double-piano bar where they play requests. Noise: Loud, Ambience: Rowdy. Service: Good

  • Big River Grille and Brewing Works. This is the only microbrewery onsite. As such, it sells the only decent beer in a glass. Well recommended. The Bloggers Party on saturday (from 3pm) usually kicks off here, sitting outside. Noise: Low, Ambience: Fun. Service: Very good

  • Flying Fish Cafe. I think I've only ever eaten here once. It was fine, I think, but nothing to write home about. Noise: Low, Ambience: Cafe. Service: Good

  • Spoodles. I cant recall ever going in there.. Noise: Unknown, Ambiance: Unknown, Service: Unknown

  • The Yard, and ESPN - as they are the same bar. The ESPN is a huge diner/sports bar, where most of the floor is taken with tables. Theres a small open area to the left of the doors. This is where the main Saturday night party - the Turtle Party - kicks off, and where I'll be on Sunday night for my 40th Birthday Party. Noise: Loud: Ambience: Rowdy, .Service: Okay

Now, you can see that I've not really rated anything service-wise above "good". And thats because service is *always* slow, and near 1pm - the universal closing time for all bars on site, it slows down dramatically. I've tried tipping, being nice, being horrible - nothing seems to work. So. In the ESPN - order pitchers of beer. That seems to get their attentiion.

Just as a taster - here's a map of Downtown Disney. Its a short bus ride away - 10 minutes (but you might spend 45 minutes waiting on a bus.. Taxi's are only 10 bucks). This usually turns into the venue for for Thursday night post-conference blowout.

Tomorrow, the bars in the hotels themselves