Housekeeping Time.

Traditionally, the fallow time between Hogmany Hangover and Lotusphere is when I sort my life out. In this case this comprised:

  • Cancelling my BT openzone subscription for Wi-fi access. Useless idiots.

  • Cancelling my Vodafone BlackBerry SIM card after they billed me for £300 ($600 US) for a month, as I'd dared to use data. Switched the whole lot to O2, and haggled them down from £48/month to £30/month INCLUDING free BlackBerry connection, 400 minutes cross network time, unlimited data and a free Pearl. Lovely. I'm now Bi-Pearl-ar..

  • Asked all my banks to list Bank charges for the last six years. In the UK banks are not allowed to charge punitive charges, and you can now ask for them back. This is stage one. Stage two in terms of getting a bank to refund bank charges is to point out that they are not allowed to punish you with bank charges - just charge reasonable cost. Else you take them to small claims. Lovely.

  • I *was* going to upgrade the blog to BlogSphere v3, but have ran out of time. Tomorrow.

  • Sorted out connection records between HADSL and the various Penumbra servers.

  • Cleared out the last three months worth of expenses.

  • Caught up on the bookkeeping and banked some cheques. Its not often enough, really.

  • Picked up my (3 month old!) dry cleaning.

  • Got a 64-bit (£80 quid!) machine up and runnning with Fedora Core 5 in the loft.

  • Upgraded the hard drive in the laptop to 160 gig, from a measily 60 gig.

  • Tomorrow, I think I'll pick up a second hand Mac, and forget to tell She Who Must Be Obeyed till I'm in Orlando..

Phew. I'm exhausted. Only the Blog Upgrade to go. Then its back to HADSL work... I'll stop avoiding now..