AdminCamp 2006 - Gelsenkirchen

Mad old time in Gelsenkirchen with the AdminCamp conference. Its primarily in German, with a few "english" speakers. I attended Paul's impromptu Domino Domain Monitoring sessino - fantastic stuff. If your a developer, check this stuff out. If your an Admin - this is something that'll save you tons of pain.

Monday night, I got presented with a three-liter beer. And of course, I had finish it.. I'll never learn.. Photos of this - and also photos taken by Volker's macbook playing games with its webcam are on Volkers' flickr pages..

Sitting on the fast train to Schipol now, enjoying the view of the German and Dutch countryside flying by (backwards) at 100mph.. Lovely.

Looking forward to tomorrows Scottish Notes User Group event. See you in IBM Buchan House, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh from 9am. And afterwards for drinks in the Balmoral on Princes Street.