Busy week next week. AdminCamp2006 and Scottish Notes User Group

As if work wasnt busy enough - doing Java for the first time in a couple of years, writing connector code to Oracle. Fun stuff, and I'm going to start going for my Oracle DBA accreditation to help that out.

AdminCamp2006 in Germany this week - three days at Rudi's technical conference. They're a different feel to the bigger events - far more personal, and the user base tend to be a lot smaller. But fun in terms of meeting new people, and having three days with Volker and Paul Mooney. It'll be a hoot. I'm doing a "Development for Administrations" presentation as well as the infamous "Worst Practices". They'll end up - as everything else does - on my speakers page.

At the last one, I foolishly wore my kilt, and tried to walk up an icy slope. The kilt broges are built for dancing, and I had to re-enact the "Scooby Doo" run a few times. Classic.

Thursday September 7th, of course, is the Scottish Notes User Group event in Edinburgh. Its almost full (so get booking if you havent already!), and the Geek dinner has been kindly organised by Kitty and Warren. It'll be at the Balmoral Hotel in Princes street. Very very grand. Even grander than the Dome! So even if you cant make the conference itself, pop by the Balmoral from 6pm and catch up with us there.

And of course looking forward to The View Developer conference in Vegas, and then the European event in Vienna. As I'm going to Vegas the weekend before, and its a kinda neat place for a weekend away, who fancies a beer at the Rio casino on Saturday 28th October ?