John le Carre: The Mission Song

Its been a wee while since Le Carre's last novel, and I had The Mission Song pre-ordered for what seems like a year.

Fantastic. He's dipping back into the grey murky world of the spies, and this time the story mirrors the controversy over Mark Thatchers alleged involvement in a coup in Africa. It also involves a group of "deniable" mercenaries, also mirroring "Mad" Mike Hoares experiences. (Ironic really, as I went to Uni with a relative of his..)

Gritty, deep, and more plot than the entire second series of Lost.  This aint no fairy story, as the plot, the politics, and the people are all too believable. He reminds us all of the fallibility of the human spirit, the corruption and death prevalent all over Africa, the struggle to right these wrongs, and one mans bravery in the face of all this.

Fantastic. Get it now.