Houston: Day three and Day Four.

I tooodled out of San Antonio around 3:30pm and hit the GPS repeatedly until it gave in and started plotting a course to George Bush International Airport in Houston. About 180 miles, and three hours away. Cool. Soundtrack by Moby, Fat Boy Slim (Pallokavolle), Dire Straits, Marillion. Thanks to a 50 buck Belkin car adaptor and FM transmitter for my iPod.

I did stop at a gas station and fill up - thus exposing myself to both "country" and "western", but this time the facial ticks didnt come. So I got out alive.

Picked up Big Tony (yaaaar!) at possibly the grottiest airport terminal in the western world - terminal C at Houston. And after an hours wait for the luggage, found the hotel.

We checked into the Starwoods four points in the center of town, and immediately fell for its cute 60's charm. And its 60's decor. The formica lift itself was a temple to formica, and had a set of "Dr Strangelove" lights above the door, below a retro "Austin Powers" style roof.

The single guy on the coffee shop and bar was pursuaded (after much tipping) to provide beer, and Tony and I waited for Lance Spellman of Workflow studios. He turned up soon enough and pursuded us - against our better knowlege to hit somewhere for food. Eating at the hotel was out of the question. A few beers later, and Tony and the waitress had hit it off, and we had a "chug-off" against the Mexican drinking team. (Seriously, this crew had travelled to Germany to support Mexico at Soccer. Cool guys).

Next morning, after ungluing my eyeballs from the inside of my lids, it was straight off to a customer meeting in downtown - 10 in the room and gawd knows how many more elsewhere. Really cool meeting and off to the Houston Club for lunch with more customers (and a chap from IBM who used to work for Candle, and knows Kathleen McGiveney well. Small world, eh? He had travelled by Water taxi to get off his island before flying down to Houston. Cool or what ?

Lastly, a very very cool meeting on the west side with a nice bunch of lads from a seismic survey company. Fun, etc. Then onto Sushi King near Westheimer for some fantasic cold wet dead fish.

And as my eyelids were drooping the suggestion was to head to the Minuite Maid park and watch the Astros play ball! Since I've never been to a baseball game - hell, why not!

Apparently the Astros (or so I've been told) are not playing well. One guy was handing out tickets for FREE outside. The stadium - I guess - was half full. We left after the seventh-innings stretch (eh?) and headed for the hotel, and bed. Early start (5:30am!) tomorrow....