Bills Voyage: Day 2 & 3 - Texas

Arrived at Dallas Airport. Feeling kinda funky, as I'd been up for a while. Still, felt good enough to drive the 300 miles from Dallas to San Antonio. But.

Hertz: Yes, sir, the only car we have is the very very nice but horribly expensive Mustang Convertible.

Me: Does it have GPS

Hertz: No.

Me: Ah. Change it for something with GPS.

Hertz: Ahhh.. .Okay then.

Fine. So I'm rolling out of Dallas airport in a Ford Mondeo. Now regular readers will recall that the only two times in my live I've been done for speeding were in Ford Mondeos. They're okay, but they're fords.

But what is this thing that I'm in ? Its not a UK style Mondeo. Its some odd shape, colour, and is upholstered in Plastic and fake leather. Still, the GPS works.

And thank god it did. Getting out of Dallas was a mess of interstate intersections - some within yards of each other, and of course all badly signposted. In that they didnt actually have my destination. Okay, it was 300 miles away, but San Antonio - millions of people, the Alamo ?

Thank god for GPS...

Got to my sisters house at 9pm, and instantly pounced on by the kids. Cool.

On Sunday, my sister took me and the (other) kids to the Mall. A really nice Mall. With an applestore.. Mmmm. So I stood there thinking "Well, Sprog (my daughter) needs a macbook for her art course..". But i managed to resist the tech-p0rn enough to call She Who Must Be Obeyed and ask if I should. I got the answer I expected....

After that. we hit Fiesta Texas. We were running late, so we only had 35 minutes in there. At which point we hit the log flume, the waggon wheel and the roadrunner (twice). The latter dried us off....

And then onto a nice steakhouse, and home. Got up at 7am, and hit the coffee. Hard...

Today, its a drive to Houston, and a quick catch up with Big Tony - Mr sales and Marking for HADSL.