mozy.pngI'm a very keen Mozy backup user. Whats Mozy ? Its an on-line, over the internet, backup solution, for backing up those very critical files that often get lost. Especially if your a laptop "away from the base a lot" user like me. Or a "I'm the support person for my entire family" like me, dealing with relatives at the end of broadband connections on the other side of the country.

Its been chugging away quite happily on my laptop now for a month, and is getting faster - up to 8gb of data backed up per day, which is cool. So - if you want to sign up, use This Link and that way, I get another 250mb of storage for each user.. I'm up to 3gb now from the base 1gb, for FREE. And you cant get better than that.

The screenshot shows the on-line, web-based file restore screen. Cool, huh ?