Worst Practices Needs You!

wp-uncle-sam.jpgYes - Worst Practices Needs you! After a long incubation period - say about 8 months - the new Worst Practices web site is now live.

(For those bereft of humour - yes - the banner is actually intentional. And yes - soon there will be an RSS feed.... Take, take take, thats all I hear...)

This means that not only can you browse the existing stories from the worst practices presentation, you can submit your own. Granted, Paul and I will edit it to remove any possibility of being sued. And possibly insert some comic timing and possibly merge it with other stories to make it punchy, etc.

Overall, the effect we're trying to create is something like the "DailyWTF" site, but a Domino focused one, and slightly more positive. (Not that this is a critisism of the Daily WTF. Its hilarious and reminds me on a daily basis of the frailty of human ego.) In that we ask you to at least mention how it was solved (without using the word "Kill" or the phrase "Sacked the useless git", for instance), and how folks can implement policies to prevent this happening to them.

And as I always say at the start of the presentation - "Its not Domino problems - these are all pilot errors!"