Call for Abstracts: I've submitted five....

Lotus are asking for Abstracts for sessions for Lotusphere here. Last year I did two separate sessions:

  • Object Orientated Programming in LotusScript. This was the second year I have presented this...

  • Worst Practices with Paul Mooney. This got repeated, and we estimate about 2,500 people saw it. It was also on DVD.. Eeeeks.

(All of my sessions - past and future - are on my speakers page here, if you've not spotted the link below the HADSL banner ad)

This year, I have submitted:

  • An Introduction to Object Orientated Programming - a refreshed version of last years presentation

  • Worst Practices with Paul Mooney. With all new horror stories.. (You will see more on this later this week!)

  • Advanced Object Orientated Programming in LotusScript. This is for folks who use OO in anger right now, and shows some of the more advanced functions.. This will be a blast...

  • An introduction to surfacing Domino Applications on BlackBerry handsets. This is a wee pet area for me right now - I am having a blast with MDS studio at the moment, and hope to show how to get anyone developing BlackBerry apps which use Web Services to get their data from Domino.

  • Application Cradle to Grave, again with Paul Mooney. This is Pauls (very good) idea, showing the reasons for best practice Application template development, distribution and maintenance. Given that the two Celtic comedians are on stage for this, I should imagine that we'll take something thats fairly dry, and make it a wee bit more interesting.

We shall see how many are accepted! Last year, i did drop hints that I couldnt really do more than two, as I also have to man the HADSL stand downstairs. However, in 2007, I really have to go to some actual sessions this time... So you might not be able to see me downstairs as much as you like.

I've stuck this list up NOT to attempt to put pressure on the Lotussphere organisers to get me up there, but to ask you lot (long suffering readers) what you would like to see up there on stage.. There might be something that I could easily do - and that I'd find fun - that might be of more interest than these ?