I'm a quite frustrated Visual Studio Developer..

Visual Studio kinda lost it for me after Visual C++ v6.0. This "studio.net" nonsense is kinda annoying.

For instance. Visual Studio 2005 - which I have to use to develop some code in - is rather flaky. Buggy. Intermittently unstable. And despite a full DVD worth of "help", still cant tell me how to write a decent installer - that is one that actually prompts for values and sets registry settings - for a windows service.

I have to use Visual Studio 2003 to do serious LSX (LotusScript eXtension toolkit) stuff, as VS 2005 isnt supported (and doesnt work) with the LSX toolkit. The LSX toolkit was last updated in December 1999 and ran against Notes v4.6 for instance, so its long long overdue for an update.

So - here am I installing VS 2003 yet again, and I wonder to myself - "I wonder if there's a service pack for VS 2003 ? After all, this is half way through 2006, and VS 2003 - I think - came out in 2003". It has its own stability and bug issues.

So I found this entry on an official MS blog (so it must be true, right ?). SP1 for VS 2003. Release date: 18th August 2006.

Now. What really really really sticks in my throat is the current crop of sycophantic MS bloggers raving about how great the new stuff is going to be like in 2007/2008, and yet the previous version of product STILL doesnt have a service pack - AFTER THREE YEARS.

So basically - its "We really hope that this release works better than the last as there'll be no support for a few years"...

Thank god for OpenOffice and Linux...