Aaarrrrr! Tis Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight.. Yaaaar....

Walking to a client meeting yesterday in Glasgow. No suit jacket - it was far too hot - and of course the blingmaster on my back. Walking past a bus shelter, admiring a "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" movie poster featuring the lovely Keira... And my foot slipped off the pavement.

I fell flat on my face. Sigh. It being Glasgow - a friendly place - lots of folks asked if I was okay, and one lady walked with me for a block - no doubt checking for concussion. Nice folks. But of course - the only thing I bruised was my ego.

Looking down - I also realised that I'd knocked the knee out of my new suit trousers. Feck! And with 10 minutes to go - I had to find something to minimise the damage. At this point, I realsed that (this was the infamous suit from two weeks ago) the RFID marker was actually in the trousers - as every shop I walked into started bleeping at me. FINALLY, I found a post office, and purchased a roll of double sided sticky tape, and at least managed to patch the flap so my knee wasnt exposed.

My sales call went really well - but I had to admit to the assembled folks what had happened. They were too poilite (though they had noticed) the suit trousers. And after about 30 minutes, the blood stopped dripping down my leg...

Ahh well.

Still. Some good came of it. And I had a few pints with the infamous Frank Docherty afterwards. Nice bloke - and he's going to start blogging soon (Well, again, really) at DominoGeek.co.uk. So watch out for that... Frank's also very keen on helping out on the Scottish Notes User Group... More on that later.

So. Tonight. Pirates! Keira! Please dont let me fall for her again...

Update: Franks Blog at DominoGeek.co.uk is now live.