Busy Busy

Phew - aside from getting sunburnt in Deepest Aberdeenshire (You've got to really appreciate the weather system in Scotland to really get the humour in that statement!), I've been really busy working my swannicles off for the View Developer conference presentations, furiously updating documentation - and - attending the most surreal contract interview in the world:

Why, surreal ? Well, due to a mix up between myself and the Agency, I had taken "between 10-12am, Tuesday" to mean "Between 10-12am, Tuesday, at the customer site", and of course the agency meant "between 10am-12am, Tuesday, over the phone".

Several frantic phone calls later, and I was esconsed outside a Starbucks (music inside was too loud), drinking awful coffee, literally next door to the customer site. So far so good. About half an hour of interview later, and a chap comes along cleaning the street. With an enormous vacuum cleaner.. Okay. So I gather up my possessions (including the blingmaster back-top), and hobble off in the direction of "Quiet". Phew. But no - the vacuum cleaner from Hell was stalking me - all around this block. Finally. Silence..... And then.. A bagpiper started stalking me too... Eeeeeek!

Well, despite the unique background noise to this particular interview, they've decided to take me on, and I start in a few weeks time for a month or so. Very nice.

It'll be the first time I've worked in the center of a city since 2001, and the first time I've worked in the center of a NICE city since 1996... In fact, the only time I spent more than six months in the center of a nice city was my third full time job at John Menzies - located in Rose Street, Edinburgh - back in 1989 - when my daughter was born. That was especially nice, as there was (at that time) over 20 pubs in that street... mmmmm..

Looking forward to it - the only downside will be the 4 hours a day on the train.. I'm sure I can sneak a 3g wireless card past the missus by then though... :-)