Multi-Domain User Management

An odd thing about Lotus Domino's AdminP process. Its mostly a single-domain model, with only the core user move in hierarchy and user rename processes made into a "multi-domain" transaction via the Cross Domain adminP mechanism.

Operations such as "User Move between Server" for instance, are inherently single domain. There are workarounds, but it struck me as odd that this wasnt supported out of the box.

Most of our newer, larger customers are in the process of collapsing multi-domain models, and we've been tasked with the ability to automatically move a user between domains, servers and possibly certification hierarchies - all at the same time.

Sounds daunting, eh ? This is where a good clean Object Orientated framework, and good code-reuse comes in. So far, we've added a mere 18 lines of code to one single transaction, and early indications are good.

How important is this level of functionality to folks out there ? How many people are consolidating domains ? What other functions do you normally perform during a consolidation exercise ?