Snicker Snicker Snicker...


Ever since Lotusphere 2005, I've known that a Linux Notes client could be released, and here I am, finally downloading it. Its important news - its the last piece that many customers need in order to move their desktops to some of the funky, secure new linux desktop distros coming out - Suse 10, Novell Enterprise, Fedora and Red Hat to name the top two companies.

Think about it. The worlds biggest computer company - IBM - are encouraging you to put Notes on Linux and along with OpenOffice (I've been using it for 7 months now - its fab!) replacing your entire Microsoft software stack. Putting control, choice, security and innovation back into play.

Imagine. Justifying a whole pile of new computer expenditure just on the back of removing your MS license renewals. Actually cutting costs for the first time. Running on the same hardware, but with a new, faster and more secure operating system, and with complete interoperability with all your old data ? Its no longer science fiction folks. Its Bill Gates's worst nightmare.