Collaboration University - Kansas City (13-15th September) and London - (27-29th September 2006)

CU-Gold Orb for blog.jpgRob Novak of Snapps - perhaps the King of Quickplace himself - is organising a collaboration university seminar in both Kansas City and London for September. If you have any form of passing interest in Quickplace or Sametime, this is the place to go this year in order to catch up with the new Sametime v7.5, and the new features coming in Quickplace.

The line up is awesome. These are the guys who wrote ALL the exams and redbooks, won SIX beacon awards, and delivered most of the lotusphere presentations on Sametime and Quickplace, and between them host over 2m users on these platforms. This is "drinking from the firehose".

More information on Robs' site here and he's set up the Collaboration University web site here

(Phew, the conference autumn/fall season is certainly hotting up!)