The Scottish Notes User Group....

Is having a conference on Thursday 7th September, in the IBM offices at Buchan House, St Andrews Square, in Edinburgh from 9am till 5pm, with a Geek dinner afterwards. Its a good central location, and I'm guessing the Geek dinner afterwards will be well attended.

As this is the first "big" meeting of this user group (Organised by Graham Clark of Standard Life, and Darren Adams of IBM), so it'll be a single track, 8 session day with lots of good hard technical content, as well as customer case studies. Its a good networking day too, so you can find lots of folks in similar positions and learn how they leverage Notes.

Darren is working on the Agenda, and there's a lot of good speakers there. Oh - and me too. Myself and (the rather excellent) Paul Mooney will be revising and reprising our "Worst Practices" presentation.

So how to register ? Updated: Mail  Claire Woodbry at IBM and mention if youre interested in the Geek dinner.

Hope to see you there ?

(On a personal note, given the fantastic news on the Linux Notes Client, SNUG, etc, its not turning out to be a good week to try and stay off-net!)