iLug Videos - Notes on Linux

The Irish Lotus Notes User Group videos are now available - more on Warren blog here.

And. Finally. The Workplace Linux plug-in announcement. Basically - Notes on Linux with a workplace front end. It was due anytime now. But no. It gets better.


See Ed's Blog for all the news.

[ My Personal take on this. I was told by a very senior member of Lotus back at the start of 2005 that in order to develop the plug-in, it was faster to develop the native client in terms of testing etc. So a notes native client for Mac (7.0.2) and Linux was faster than trying to recreate the entire test harnessess from scratch. Or at least that was the implications. However the "deep throat" mentioned that this might not see the light of day - the linux version at least - due to the Workplace push. Looks like things have changed - and the customer is the winner! ]

(I'm back off-net for a while now)