I've been off-net for a couple of days

Doing some family stuff in Fort William. Its June, the tourists are in town, and this is "the outdoor capital of the UK". So. What did we get up to ?

We stayed at the Innseagan House Hotel - about 1.5 miles south, and on the first night hit the Indian Garden on the High Street. Expensive, but good. Pub Grub on the second night, and on the third day had lunch at the Crannog seafood restaurant on the Pier. We struck lucky on all three counts really.

The Hotel didnt have internet - aaarrgh - so it was the internet cafe on the high street - who looked after folks extremely well. And lots of coffee at Cafe 152 next door.

Whilst not doing the family things, we hit Ben Nevis - well - not literally, and went up on the chair-lift to the restaurant. Okay, doing it on a day with heavy mist wasnt the smartest thing in the world, but hey.

And we also hung around the train station, and watched the Jacobite steam train leave.. (it was 10 minutes late due to the incoming "modern" train being late..). Impressive stuff, standing near 100 tonnes of steel as it belches smoke and steam.. And it was 4 years younger than my dad..