One of the great things about networking with folks all year round, is once in a while someone like Bruce Elgort will call me up and we can discuss insane things.

For instance, in the space of 30 seconds, he's pursuaded me (and most possbly Paul Mooney, once his world has stopped spinning at 78rpm) to submit "Paul and Bills Tip of the week" for the Taking Notes podcast. This'll be short, punchy, funny and hopefully relevant. (Paul doesnt know about this yet - shh - dont tell him till after ILUG next week else he'll go bananas).

So Bruce says "Why not do a podcast live from ILUG next week and capture folks reaction ? ". Whyever not ! I know Libby was interested in something like (and possibly different from) this in any case.

So the insanity kicks in. Bruce and I try and out wierd each other. And so we get, within seconds to "Pubcasting".

That is, I'll take the Blingmaster and a webcam (and possibly a good mike) and randomly call Bruce up from Pubs on the thursday and Friday night, so he can join in the pub "networking" sessions with us folks, thus extending the reach of the ILUG event.

Skype now does up to 9 folks at a time, and I'm sure they do conferences too. Keep watching - something rather insane might happen in this space...

Bruce, dammit - how dare you be more lateral than me, and how dare you be more enthusastic!

Och, let the fun begin!

(Yes, I've already registered "pubcast" on