My ADSL is still down. Transpires that because I was switching the SAME NUMBER between two lines, the old services get switched off FIVE DAYS before the new one can be enabled. Nildram - of course - hadnt informed me of this, so I missed attending (virtually) the Penumbra meeting in DC. Feck. And I'm not going to get switched on for another 2-3days.

Okay. How can I fix this ? Three calls this morning to Nildram Support (Manager: Helen Tibbs), Nildram Sales ( Manager: Richard Manton), and back again to sales established that they cannot fix anything. I've gotta wait.

Okay. Can I get another service provider in within two days ? Pants mentioned Zen (amusingly, one of the Nildram folks recommended them too!).. However. I have to wait for the NILDRAM order to go through before I can change providers. So I'm stuck with them for the next couple of days.... Grrrrr....

Oh. And whilst you can do anything else with NILDRAM over the web/phone, you have to eMail or write to them to cancel. And I know for a fact that they dont OPEN their eMails for at least five days (as some person in technical support already admitted..)

So. Why is NILDRAM's technical support so bad - 30-45 minute wait to actually get to a human ? The reason I went with them is that they had such a good reputation.

Well, they're rolling out ADSL-MAX (a marketing name for ADSL-2) and their support lines have been swamped. Did the support manager (Helen Tibbs, remember) think to actually increase resource on the support lines? Given that their otherwise good support capability is now "crap", and "they're recruiting, etc, etc" - I suspect NOT.

Or as Charlie Brown would say:


Update: Just given Helen Tibbs the URL for this and eagerly await her response.

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Update #2: My ADSL burst into life on my new line at 2pm today. If Nildram had anything to do with this - thanks. If not - why not ?. Will update if I get a response from them.