Microsoft and the Connector story.

Read this.

So. Microsoft release an Exchange to Notes connector. Fine. It might even be better than the last pile of donkey droppings that they've been shipping for years. God I hope so. For their "Migrated" customers (You know the very large ones that have switched to Exchange and still have domino cos they cant do collaboration applications..) at the very least.

They then point to an IBM technote (or as they call it - a "Press Release") and claim that IBM have dropped support for the connector.

Eh ?

I'm an ISV. I wish I could get IBM to support my product. But they're not going to, because its not their product. And similarly IBM dont (and I suspect never did) support the connector. Because its an MS product.

And now MS are complaining, and claiming that of course the customers are suffering because of IBM's outrageous behaviour, and MS are more than willing to support the customers. And now of course they've switched off comments (I just discovered that you need some form of MS bizareness to comment) as a possible way of limiting damage on this amazing, foolish, spectacular, foot-in-mouth bollocks ?

Eh ? Am I the only sober person in the world to think this odd ?

What are the folks in Planet Redmond on ? Can I get some ? Is it legal ?

Why cant they focus their considerable money and focus and possible intelligence on actually delivering product ? I mean - what have we seen so far ? A broken analysis app, and considerable bugfixes on a pile of poo ?  If this is what $30b in the bank buys you - I vote for poverty any day...