Howto: Screw up your broadband...

Our master socket - the primary socket that comes into our house - is buried in the bathroom wall. I know. I stuck a webcam up there from under the bath (Now there's a sight), and still couldnt see it. There's about a mile of cable attached to it so the db loss on that circuit is horrific. So I thinks - instead of breaking down the bathroom wall - why not just get BT to install a new socket. Simple eh? So I call up BT and state:

"Look. I need a new master socket";

"We dont do that. You have to install a new line and switch everything over".

"Whatever. Do it. Make it so. Switch over my voice and my ADSL".

"No worries. A week friday.. "


So a week THURSDAY the BT engineer appears as if by magic and by friday AM has put in a new master socket. Excellent. But the phone services is still on the old socket.

"BT ? I wanted a new line and all my services switched".

"Oh. We havent switched your line"

"I *KNOW*. Can you do it ? "

"Sure. Give it a week"



Another week.

The phone magically changes socket. So far so good. ADSL doesnt switch.

"BT ? My ADSL hasnt been switched .."

"Was it BT ADSL ? "

"Are you mad ? Twice the price, half the service ? Do I sound retared ? "

"No. We dont do that - contact your service provider".

Right. Grit teeth, stiff upper lip.

"Nildram. Hi. I need to switch my ADSL to a new line."

"Fine. No worries. " (actually this is a lie. It took four eMails, three days and four hours on hold to get to this stage..). "Whats the new number ? "

"Same as the old one. "

"WHAT ? "

(long explanation).

"Fine. Wait another week. And it'll cost 15 quid".



I'm in London this week. And the ADSL is now completely dead. Both Sockets.

Moral of the tale ? BT are a bunch of complete morons. Seriously. And if you get someone who sounds like they're not - they're going to mess with you for fun. NILDRAM have a really good rep. But they have "staffing problems". Yeah. The fat cats have cut the personnel on the support line, right ?

I should have taken the wall down. I would have then illegally rewired my own master socket, and spent 50 quid repairing the wall. And done it in less than a day.