Irish Notes User Group.

ILUG was an amazing day. Paul Mooney and Eileen Fitzgerald - the infamous "Mrs Doyle" - organised a cracker of an event. Check out the agenda.

Delegates started drifting in at 8:30 to be greeted by Kitty, signed in and sat down. Paul kicked off and welcomed Ed Brill on stage for an updated view on the forthcoming hannover client and how the development was proceeding.

Richard and I were setting up the HADSL stand - Coatsie (our "mystery guest") had turned up and helped too.

What to say ?

  • I did my "DevBlast" for the first time. I think I was the only presentation to actually complete within 40 minutes. Its a tough presentation to deliver - punching each subject item through in 75 seconds. Most of the items could have easily provided a few minutes each, and there was always a huge temptation to provide a little more information

  • I then walked straight into a FirM presentation. I was about half way through when I realised that I wasnt doing any of my other technical presentations, but had 20-30 people who were interested in the product itself. ... This then led to a big run on our Domino sets, and lots of business cards ended up in our prize draw bin.

  • We burnt 50+ CD-ROM's containing all the presentations during the lunch break. Richard spearheaded the effort, commandaneering 4 PC's and juggling CD-ROMs like a pro. It might seem quite an old idea - giving away presentations on disk at the end of the conference - but it seemed very popular with the delegates.

  • I caught the tail-end of Ed and Libby's presentation, and Paul did the closing speech. In terms of giveaways, one of the 4 delegates from Scotland won HADSL's Bottle of whisky, Daniel Nashed won the TeamStudio iPod Nano - quite a feat given that he picked the card out himself - and Vowe won the 6w systems iPod. (I didnt catch the name of the chap who won the Waterford Technologies prize..)

  • Post event drinks - watching all the speakers and sponsors finally unwind from a great day, and perhaps enjoy a local drink or two... We had GeekDinner at the hotel, and Richard got the first "Happy Birthday" of the evening. (Kathleen called her 89 year old Grandmother later, and Paul called his mother near midnight...)

  • Rob Novak admitted to a serious guinness obsession - wearing a "Tall Dark and Handsome" Guinness T-Shirt...

  • Lots and Lots of chat. We still had 35+ geeks on the sofas in the hotel at 1am, whereupon the duracell batteries powering Duffbert finally ran down, and we started dispersing..

Okay. So was it a success ? Yes - a resounding success. So many people turned up that we ran out of food, and the IBM sponsor (who was in the room) immediately instructed the hotel to hit his credit card and get some more.

As a sponsor, I was really happy with this event, its layout and the access to the delegates. As a speaker, the rooms were well laid out, and the beg/borrowed AV gear worked well. A good selection of delegates (all of whom thought the day was a resonding success) all were floored by the technical content.  Duffbert mentioned that he kept seeing people with "The Lotusphere Buzz"...

I think this has cemented Paul Mooneys place in the conference cicuit, both on the podium and as an organiser. He deserves Kudos for organising this..

Update: DevBlast presentation available for download here

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