webuse-small.jpgHere's my current web UK usage map. Pretty impressive, eh ? Except - Dunvegan - where my mother and father live. And Fraserburgh where I was born. Clearly, whilst this blog may be considered "popular", I'm still not hitting critical demographics. Specifically, my folks dont read it, and my ex-schoolmates in Fraserburgh dont read it. Why else do people blog ?


Still. Really good week. Back in the salt mines to a certain extent. High point was being in a meeting in Whitehall (which sounds glamourous) and in Hemel (which doesnt). [Actually both are far nicer than Brentford!] Really interesting, challenging stuff. Cool.

From an HADSL point of view, our banner stand is almost complete - featuring "scared bloke on tightrope" (as I find it secretly funny), and our v2 domino sets are currently obstructing passage at my back door. CD-Roms are being burnt for ILUG, and leaflets have to be done. So its all systems go..

And Lastly. But bestest. The "Burger King" at heathrow Terminal one domestic checkin (between BMI and BA) has been replaced with a pie shop. Serious. The BK was famous for setting terminal 1 alight, and closing the airport. And had really bad horrible service. The new "Square Pie" company on the other hand - excellent food - actual *real* food, nice staff, clean, pleasant.. So yeah. I've been eating all the pies.. Lovely... Recommended.. (for McMerican visitors - really - this is a very good example of the British "pie, .mash and gravy". Totally addictive!)

(And may the lorry driver who managed to shut down the M25 today suffer as much as the population of West London, sweltering in traffic jams in 25 degree heat.. I love the way that the BBC understate the complete chaos that engulfed the whole of the west of London today. Some folks were trapped in their cars from 10am till 6pm...)