SnTT - Applying Mollio to a Notes Database..

img src="/web.nsf/2/BBUN-6LZH6G/$File/hootsThursday_BLU.jpg" border="0" alt="hootsThursday_BLU.jpg" style="float:right">Mollio is an open standard CSS and HTML framework. Go and take a quick look at it now. Specifically, look at the 'Type-D' web site example. Nice, eh ?

What this means is that you can apply this technology (whilst respecting the license conditions here) to web-facing Lotus Notes databases, and gain all the advantages that Mollio offers. Specifically

  • A more standard CSS based HTML presentation

  • A number of different navigation styles

  • A very cool menu interface

And all without the pain of understanding the differences between Internet Exploder v6's version of the "standards" and all the other browsers out there