Is but eight days away. Paul Mooney and I will be presenting "Worst Practices" again, and I'll be lurking near the Percussion stand - they're reselling FirM and I'm on hand for technical assistance. Looking forward to catching up with the usual suspects... (I'll be in Karlsruhle on Sunday PM and I'm not leaving till Thursday PM - so if anyone wants to catch up with me, I'll be at the conference and at the Dorint Bar..)

Speaking of events, dont forget the Irish Notes User group is holding a day-long event in Dublin on Friday 16th of June. (More details here). Should be a corker, as Duffbert, Paul, Myself, The Elsmores and possibly  Kathleen McGiveney (the God of Admin herself!!) should be presenting! Did I mention it was a Friday in Dublin ? In the summer ? Go-on. You know it makes sense!

Work wise, we got our FirM v2.2 release out last week, and did a shed-load of work on our Active Directory interface. The new branding of our web site is almost complete, and should be going live in the next couple of days. Its amazing what hiring a professional graphic designer and PR person can do! (Thanks to Biggsy and Monique).

And this weekend ? SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) has went off to a concert with her mates, leaving me all on my lonesome. Me and half an acre of grass. Still, look on the bright side - its a Sidney Devine concert. I've dodged a bullet on that one...