Dave Pirie. In memorandum

13 years ago, a very good friend of mine, Dave Pirie, passed away suddenly. A shock to us all, as Dave was the life and soul of many a good party. I fondly remember spending a rather blurry weekend on his yacht, seeing all of the best pubs up and down the west coast of Scotland.

He started his company - Altor - in Glasgow. He was the first european distributor of Turbo Pascal in Europe - all from above the Buchanan Street Bus station. He met Phillipe Khan as Borland was kicking off during a Comdex. He of all the folks I knew in Europe knew where technology was going, and how to steer customers in the right path.

I met him whilst I was at Sky TV - he and Altor were the only Novell shop in the UK capable of delivering the sort of hardware performance that Sky needed to run its customer billing system.

When I moved onto Stena Offshore, I kept Dave on as a supplier - Altor flood wired Stena House, and supplied two of the amazing Tricord powerframe machines. These beasties supported 250 users EACH for over 300+ days at a time. Not bad for 1992.

Dave and I were there at the initiation of the European Lotus cc:Mail user group meeting in San Francisco, at Interchange '92. He and I used to mercilessly beat Chuck Stegman, till finally the "import/export" package was bundled for free. (Remember Compuserve?) And Dave was the first person to show me Lotus Notes. He raved about it - even in its version 2 format at that time.

Well, Dave. You lived life, and you loved life. Its just a shame you didnt see more of it. I think you'd be impressed with where this "Lotus Notes stuff has got to.