Conference Whoredom...

I'm turning into a fully fledged Conference whore. I think I enjoy this more than the day job. This year has been

  • Lotusphere 2006. Still dont have the "final" scores out for that, but a little birdie hinted that Paul and I scored the 2nd or 3rd best session. I also did the more serious "Object Orientated Programming".

  • EntwickerCamp 2006. RudiFest. Worst Practices, and C-API for beginners.

  • DNUG - Paul and I on "Worst Practices".

  • Signed up for the Irish Lotus Notes User group on June 16th. Be there!

  • AdminCamp 2006 - "Worst Practices" and "Dev for Admins"..

  • Hoping to get a slot in The View Developer Conference in Vegas. I mean - Vegas...! And if I get that, then may get a slot in Amsterdam as well.

  • I keep pestering Ben to tell me when the next LNUG meeting will be.

  • I'm seriously tempted to try and run an event in Scotland in the next few months, and drag along some of the usual suspects. Anyone game ?

Have I missed any out ? :-)  

All of the presentations are on, or will land up on, my Speakers Page.

The scary stuff is that I have a *pile* of presentations to write... Its a long and time consuming process..