Microsoft Update

Every morning, I drag my sorry butt to the office, and examine the test servers. Lots of test servers. Win2k, win2k3, fedora, suse, solaris. Everything bar pSeries (we have a solution), iSeries (we dont. Anyone have an old iSeries they can give us ?) and of course - because my loft cant support the weight - a zSeries.

Why is it that "Microsoft Update" decides to reboot the windows servers ? Why does it not allow the services on the machines to finish completely ?

I have auto-update on the Linux machines. I *never* see them rebooted in the morning. And yet the MS machines - one of which is running VMWare server and hosting a bunch more servers - its at least a weekly occurrence ?

What an almighy PITA. Okay. I shouldnt let windoze update run automatically. But - its a test network, and we just dont have the resources to employ a full-time server jockey to apply patches on a weekly basis. An SMB style customer, if you like.

Is it acceptible that some mysterious update process both dumps the servers overnight, and then decides not to restore the system state to exactly how it was in the first place ?

Its another example of the outdated Windows architecture just not working as it should.

How do you *deal* with the never ending Patch culture and MS's latent ownership of your companies infrastructure ?