A bank holiday weekend. My daughter off to a party Saturday night. What to do ?

Well, we have a half-acre savannah around the house, and a few patches of moss. So we finally caved, and after harranguing a B&Q store assistant into helping us, bought a lawnraker. Its like a cylinder lawnmower, but with spikes instead of blades.

So for three hours I dragged this thing back and forth over the moss. Every 12 or so seconds, I had to stop and empty the collection box.

"Mmm.". I thought. "I wonder what happens when I remove the collection box?".

Hot-damn. It fires moss 2 meters into the air, and about three meters forward. Yeah! So aside from the following cloud of microscopic debris, it was a lot faster walking the lawn, throwing the stuff in front, to a central "pile". Excellent fun.

So. A 3 cubic meter pile of dry moss ? What to do ?

Burn it, of course! Given that we have a copse of woods on our land, which is forever giving up broken branches, we ended up wheelbarrowing 15 loads to beside our shed, and set it on fire (using one of the wife's flamethrowers. She has a collection of flamethrowers, and an unhealthy fascination with fire...).

Well, aside from almost taking down yet another telephone wire (a recurring theme), and singeing a tree, succeess. A bonfire which at one stage produced blue flames leaping 4m into the air. And me of course, dancing around it making whooping noises.

Okay. So it wasnt what you'd call an *exciting* weekend. But it was *cheap*, right ?