DNUG - Day Three.

Its been intense. Its a really good conference - well organised, good attendees, and lots of folks from Lotus over here. Really intimate, fun conversations:

"You know its been a heavy night when you waken up next morning next to some code you dont recognise" --- Bob...

I foolishly asked the bartender for the biggest beer they had last night. And of course, he took me at my word. A 3 litre glass. Wow... (Photos on Paul Mooneys' Blog)

Its difficult keeping up with the news - especially if your chained to a stand all the time. However, Maureens comment that she has designer running within Eclipse strikes me as personally very important.

The Linux notes plug-in for workplace release is immenent. It transpires that WINE on Linux has serious problems trying to support ND7, and the developers feel that its best to just use the notes plug-on on Linux, rather than try and fix WINE. So - linux guys - its getting closer....

And sitting here in the hotel room, after a very busy three days, grinning to myself. A very good conference indeed.