Cambridge (and Oxford) are two towns that are the top of the league in terms of University towns in the UK - and indeed Europe, and possibly the world. So. I'm in Cambridge, talking to guys at a company here. An amazingly profitable and successful company, with less than 1000 users. Amazing stuff. ("Domino isnt SMB" ? No!) And so I get talking (in the pub of course) and it transpires that one chap i've spent the last few days in just happens to be a Maths nut. And when I say "nut", I mean that this chap has maths as an obsession, as I have beer/whisky as an obsession. And so on.

After a few pints I realise that whereas I'm a "big" personality in a rather constrained, limited reality - I'm a big fish in a small pool in some respects - when I pop along to cambridge, I'm still a tadpole. Its a seriously *mental* place - and I dont mean that in terms of disrespect. Its an amazing old-english lovely place, full of people who are living their intellectual life to the full. Us poor visitors, believing that we are in some way *amazing*.. Come along here and find were are merely mediocre at best..

Indeed, *Mild* Bill

(Oh, and as I was exiting the pub opposite Kings College tonight, I do apologise to the group of Asian students who's photo I tried to avoid being in. Before being dragged into it. And starring. Look, I'd had champagne (someone in the office had a birthday, HADSL had a successful sale, I'd had too many beers, and the company I was in was far far too interesting...). Sorry.)

Cryptology ? On a mobile ? Not only has it been done, its a damnned product.. Only in Cambridge... (When I die, I'm going to have my Liver sent here..)