What would you have done 100 years ago ?

After several days reviewing the 3 years or so of Blogs in this database (I started "blogging" around 2001, when blogging was "talking bollocks on the web"), I came to the conclusion that I've became more serious of late, and the postings have became more sporadic.

So in an attempt to regain the "eclectic" tag again. I pose this question:


      If you lived 100 years ago, what would you be doing ?

This was inspired - as most things are - by the long suffering "She Who Must Be Obeyed"...

I for one would have probably followed in the Buchan family business of fishing - that is - out in a trawler, batting the high seas come hell or high water - for Cod.  (My father started fishing at the age of 14, and was seasick for every day for the first two years. Its not often you find a job that makes you physically sick..)

Another couple of hundred years before that, I would have probably been a "Wrecker" - luring ships onto the rocks to kill the crew and steal the cargo.

Had I followed my mothers side, I would have most probably ended up being hanged for sheep stealing (cue obvious jokes) as one of her ancestors did...

So what would you have been doing ? Would you have been good at that job ?