Of Spring and User Groups

This weekend, Paul Mooney, Warren and Kitty graced Casa Buchan with their presence. And as if by magic, the clouds parted, and the sun made a brief appearance, casting the frost and snow to one side. Lovely. So I had to get out the ride on lawnmower for the first time this year, and make an attack on the pigmy-infested savannah at the front and side the of the house. The quarter acre of grassland at the back of the house has to wait for another day.

Judging by the pile of bottles ready for recycling, a good time was had by all.

Volker - our local pub - which usually had a permacloud of smoke covering the bar - is now smoke free, and has a rather attractive "carciogen corner" shelter outside. Next time your in Jockoland, eh ?

Paul is having lots of "fun" organising the next Irish User Group meeting on Friday 16th of June, 2006. This is turning out to be quite an interesting event - and of course its on a Friday, in June, in Dublin. I've been drafted in as "crowd control manager" again, and of course the event is looking for sponsors. So - if you run a Domino Business partnership, want to see 100+ solid customers, and have the Friday free for an event in Dublin - get in contact with Paul...

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