Firefox, and the frustration of MS users..

This firefox video is amazing. And something that every MS supporter should examine and understand. After MS stopped "developing" IE6 and let it stagnate, the user experience in this video typified my average "internet exploder" day. Firefox - far far better. Now consider just how bad IE has to be for folks to develop firefox, and for folks to put together videos such as these - for free. How much mind-share has MS lost because it choose to let part of its portfolio stagnate ?

IE isnt the only stagnant franchise on the MS portfolio of course - look at the features being ripped out of Exchange E12 (public folders for instance). Despite the evangelising of folks such as Scoble, I tend to favour the murkier depths of Mini-Microsoft for my MS insider information. And the news coming out of his blog, and the comments from internal Softies, point to a Microsoft thats in crisis, and having difficulties developing and releasing core product. Innovating ? Forget it.