Show and Tell Thursday - Success story...

hootsThursday_BLU.jpgJoe Litton posted a SnTT story on CSS based menus. Something that I've always been meaning to add to the hadsl - and thanks to Joe, I found a solution. It wasnt quite the solution that Joe outlined, but I followed the links to Brother Cakes suggestion. (Why? I confess that I'm drawn to rounded box corners, in the same way that a magpie is drawn to shiny metal. Pity that internet exploder doesnt actually support them via a CSS directive like firefox, eh ?)

I was discussing SnTT with some other folks over the last couple of days - and I think I've concluded that its a great way of reminding everyone to post great technical articles. And as I've found, since its impossible to work on cool stuff *all* the time, its a good way of forcing you to publish an idea thats worked in the past - perhaps something you've not had time to get around to yet. Cool.

Any more success stories on SnTT stories ?

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