I love Firedox. And its rounded borders...

There are some firefox specific CSS directives (If your reading this via RSS, jump to my site and see) that allow you to put rounded borders on HTML elements. My favourite is:

. Just by bunging in "-moz-border-radius:5px" in your CSS and see your website transformed from old "square" blocks to nice rounded "Technorati" style ones.

Why doesnt Internet Exploder support anything like this ? Well, as we all know, Microsoft basically stopped development on IE for years, after they wiped Netscape out of existence. Only now that FireFox is starting to threaten did they blow the dust off IE and start working on IE7.

As a result, Implementing this in IE requires one of two hacks - a piece of javascript that rounds your borders (relying on javascript being switched on) or the complete PITA of creating graphical rounded borders (in all the colours of your website, of course) and usually embedding them via four different CSS classes. Horrible.

Sorry if you happen to work in an environment where IE is mandatory, and no other browsers are allowed, Perhaps highlighing the greater stability, multi-platform support, greater feature set and of course zero price of Firefox, you might be able to enable internal change..