Blackberry Settles.

Via vowe - Research in Motion settle with NTP. Well, whilst I'm sure in agreeing that its bad that they've had to pay out on the shakedown, it does however mean that this whole sorry eposide is over. The only people to benefit from this (aside from NTP and the lawyers) have been Microsoft and their attempt to finally get a windows mobile release out that works.

Having used a Windows-powered phone for a whole year, and have now switch to a Blackberry - there's no going back. The Blackberry doesnt need to be charged every 8 hours, it can hibernate and be brought back to life without rebuilding it from scratch, and of course its completely reliable. This is the thing that the script kiddies at Redmond fail to appreciate. Its not "cool" to have to put up with a terrible device that blights your life. Oh - and you can bounce the blackberry device off the floor and it doesnt break.

So next time you have some 'softie try and pursuade you that they've finally got it right, and its a practical alternative to the market leading product - tell them to bounce their windows mobile device off the floor. That'll give you the answer that you want....