FirM wins Lotus Advisor 2006 Editors Choice award for Admnistration Tooling!

LotusAdvisorAward2006.jpgFinally, I can talk about this - its been driving me nuts over the last four weeks! (I was sitting next to Volker and Paul Mooney when I learnt of this via my trusty BlackBerry. They can attest to my excitement about this)

We were awarded the LotusAdvisor 2006 Editors Choice award in the Administration Tools Category. I'm particularly proud of this, as we've worked very hard on this software for the last five years - its been a real labour of love getting our baby to market.

Its been a very good year for us so far, and with our v2.2 release due out this week (bringing BlackBerry handset management), we're feeling very bullish about our product. So much so that I'm willing to lay down a challenge: Find a feature that I think would be useful to the general population that we've not implemented yet - and I'll buy you a bottle of scotch. And not the cooking stuff either - real single malt...

Of course, you have to investigate our web site to find the user manual, etc, and feel free to ask for evaluation copies.

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