Party Madness - and SNOW

Yesterday, my daughter was 17 years old. My god, I'm getting old. And to get me that little bit older, she organised a birthday party for about 25 of her mates... Thankfully, we have a barn outside, so they could trash it to their hearts content. And, it was cold - so my mate Ralf donated use of the biggest space heater in the world. No kidding - it must have been 6 foot long. It heated up the barn in no time, and the kids were advised not to stand within 6 feet of the front of it - else they'd lose eyebrows, clothes, etc. So at 7pm, carloads of 'youths' and boxes of beer started appearing..

By about 3am, the wife (She Who Must Be Obeyed) decided to call a stop to it, and we managed to get the majority of them hustled inside and bedded down all over the house. By 4am - peace. phew

(We're cleaning up now, and I think we're up to five bin-bags full of bottles now, and we're still finding empties in odd places.. Kids, eh ?)

Being teenagers, we didnt expect them to be up much before mid-day. Wrong. 7:30am - up and about and making noise. I couldnt believe it. And so the wife went out to feed them breakfast.

When I surfaced at 9am, there was 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down hard. This prompted a 10 sided snowball fight on the front lawn, and a stern lecture on snow driving to the remaining 'youth' with a car. Sensible lad, it would appear. (This is the lad who had to spend the night in his car as he's allergic to our cats. We *did* give him a sleeping bag - we're not *completely* heartless you know..)

This is the most amount of snow we'eve ever had here in such a short amount of time. And in March, too - normally January or early February is the worst. Amazing stuff, this global warming, eh ?

Oh and a biggup to Ed who skyped (woops - did I mention that I *love* skype - we run HADSL *on* skype!) me in mid-party to say Hi. From a plane. Flying between Helsinki and the states. I mean, I look forward to 5-10 hours of uninterrupted sloth on a plane - this new fangled Wi-fi means that you cant even escape work whilst sitting on the plane.. eeek...