Oddest junk eMail yet ?

National Chip Week runs 13th - 19th February 2006.

This year our theme is love chips, love football, love winning, so pop into your local participating fish and chip shop for a portion of tasty chips and the chance to win. Also to combine two of the nation's passions try our new game.... http://potato-council.cimex.com/

To find out more about National Chip Week, recipes, fun facts and more visit www.lovechips.co.uk.

Madly loving chips,

The British Potato Council

Nope. Its not SPAM. Its CHIPS. (No, not crisps. Deep fried frenched potatoes - the greatest Belgian invention ever)

Jeez. It gets funnier on the lovechips.co.uk web site:

The British Potato Council (BPC) is planning to set the nation\u2019s hearts alight and get pulses racing, with the search for Britain's hottest new sensation - The Chippie Dales - to celebrate 15 years of National Chip Week (13th-19th February 2006).
Odd. I thought deep fried food stops the heart - not sets it alight. Unless there's some form of candle effect going on...

Actually, I shouldnt criticise. This is an example of a government quango with oddles of cash to spend on odd ideas. Wonder who will be next.