Damn, these crackberries are addictive! After many fruitless hours trying to get it work on my windows VMware partition under linux, I finally cracked and set up the desktop management software on another PC. I then upgraded my thirty-quid-off-eBay 7230 to v4.1 of the Blackberry ROM, and off I went.

One point to watch out for. If you end up (as I did) initialising one mail account multiple times, remember to remove ALL blackberry enterprise server originated mail between attempts. I'm guessing that it picks up the OLDEST authentication/password message and tries to use its password. Which makes perfect sense - once I'd figured it out.

Why Blackberry ? Well, we're proposing adding Blackberry handset management to FirM, so you can delegate the activativation, deactivation, password change and possibly download applications from FirM. Which means that you no longer have to give your BES administrators remote access to the BES server, or install the "they get to do anything they like" management software. Would this be of interest ?

(FirM already handles the automation, integration and delegation of 18 Domino user actions, 4 domino group applications, application lifecycle activities, and 8 Active Directory transactions. Meaning that you can delegate User Creation to non-technical, non-priviledged users, and they only get prompted for 3 pieces of information...)