Red Bull - again.

From Duffbert, I followed the link to WorkDominosphere, where he has a rather scathing technical assessment of the Microsoft Application Analyser. My impression from what he said is that they're not even bothering to read design elements before actually reporting that this "non-standard" template doesnt work. Since they're only reading the database header information, they're only getting the raw template name out. (Good work David!

Hands up here anyone who has modified a "straight" database from a standard template to add capabilty ? Oh - thats all of us. So its even more flawed than first suspected. If it doesnt find the template name (I'm guessing) in its list, then it says its "custom". If it *does* find the template name from a list, then it'll say it can be migrated. But if it doesnt read and verify ALL design elements to see if they have been changed, then its even more incorrect.

Sloppy, sloppy job, basically. We suspected that it was marketing slideware - and this goes even further to proving it.

$30b in the bank, C-level ambition to nail Notes (from Balmer himself) and this is the best we get ? Come on. Give me a million bucks, and I'll write a better, more honest version. In 3 months.